Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Christmas Style

It might have been a rough year for Kobe after Vanessa filed for divorce but the couple seems to be patching things up.  They looked extremely happy and festive on the front of their Holiday cards which they sent out to close family and friends before Christmas.
Kobe looked dapper in a tuxedo while Vanessa matched his fly in a green Gucci dress.  Their daughters, Natalia and Gianna, wore red dresses to complete the Christmas theme.

Vanessa Bryant continued her green Christmas theme on Christmas Day as she hit up the Staples Center for the Lakers vs. Knicks game.  Catch those flicks below:

Staples Center for the Lakers vs. Knicks game.  Catch those flicks below:


Ancient Egyptians Pioneer Cosmetics as Beauty as well as Medicine

The elaborate eye makeup worn by Queen Nefertiti and other ancient Egyptians was believed to have healing powers, conjuring up the protection of the Gods Horus and Ra and warding off illnesses. The ancient Egyptians regarded beauty as a sign of holiness and were the engineers of the beauty industry as well as the concept beauty as Medicine. Everything the ancient Egyptians used had a spiritual aspect to it, including cosmetics, which is why cosmetics were an integral part of their daily lives. In tombs, many cosmetic palettes were found buried with the deceased as grave goods which further emphasized the idea that cosmetics were not only used for aesthetic purposes but rather magical and religious purposes.

The strong, infamous & beautiful Nefertiti in her signature liner.

Why the ancient Egyptians used cosmetics

Ancient Egyptians wore cosmetics regardless of gender or status, as they believed that cosmetics had magical power. They paid extra attention to eye makeup and they usually lined their eyes with a black galena, kohl (black eyeliner), that was placed in small kohl containers and applied with a wooden stick, creating an almond-shaped eye. The almond-shaped eye resembles the falcon eye of the God Horus. The eye of Horus was believed by the Egyptians to have magical protective powers from the myth of the battle of Horus as revenge for his father Osiris, where it was said he lost his left eye which was later magically restored (Mannichie 34). Therefore, the ancient Egyptians wore the black kohl and used green eye paints under their eye to ward off evil spirits and as a way to keep their eyes protected from eye diseases. The use of eye paints played an important role as well in the afterlife of the ancient Egyptians. “Before presenting himself (the deceased) at the tribunal in the ‘Hall of Justice’ the candidate must purify himself, dress in white garments, make up his eyes and anoint himself. Only then may he enter the realm of Osiris” (qtd. in Sacred Luxuries 136). The deceased had to line his eyes with kohl in order for him to face the judgment of Osiris and move on to the afterlife. Moreover, ancient Egyptians, especially royalty, wished to preserve their youthfulness and be always depicted in an ideal state in art as part of their divine nature. They used oils such as castor oil, sesame oil and Moringa oil in their daily skin care regimen to fight wrinkles (Personal Hygiene and Cosmetics). Their favorite colors were black and green.

Chemistry of ancient Egyptian cosmetics

The two main forms of eye makeup were green eye paint and black kohl. The green eye paint was made of malachite, a green carbonate of copper, and the black kohl was made from a substance called galena, a dark grey ore of lead. The malachite was used in the early predynastic period, whereas galena was introduced in the late predynastic period (Lucas 41). Kohl has two components: laurionite and phosgenite. These two minerals were not readily available in Egypt, which means that the ancient Egyptians must have used wet chemistry in order to synthesize them by filtering of rock salt and natron (Spotts). Facial makeup included stain for cheeks and lips that was produced from red ochre from naturally colored clay that was mined and washed then dried in the sun or burnt to achieve the red pigment (Egyptian Make up). Henna, a naturally occurring plant, was used by the ancient Egyptians to paint their nails and dye their hair.

Medical uses of ancient Egyptian cosmetics

The ancient Egyptians were not entirely misguided in believing that kohl would prevent eye infections because it actually did prevent an ocular infection that was caused by the flooding of the Nile. The lead-based substances in the kohl promoted the production of nitric oxide in their skin, which helped strengthen their immune systems against diseases ("How the Pharaohs Fought Ocular Infection"). The soot in kohl helped in reducing the damaging effects of sun glare on their eyes. The ancient Egyptians created a remedy for burns by mixing the cheek and lip stain and other remedies for improving skin with red natron, northern salt and honey (Mannichie 134, 138). However, the ancient Egyptians strongly believed that the healing effects of these cosmetics were magical rather than medical.
Thousands of years ago, ancient Egyptians wore eye makeup, believing that the gods Horus and Ra would protect wearers of the makeup against several eye illnesses and skin ailments.
It was no superstition, reported scientists from France’s Pierre and Marie Curie University in the journal Analytical Chemistry on Jan. 15, having found medical properties in the makeup.
The scientists performed chemical analysis involving scanning electron microscopy and quantitative X-ray diffraction for 52 makeup samples preserved in the Louvre Museum in Paris.
The researchers found the makeup was prepared by mixing together four lead minerals—the dark galena (lead sulfide) and the white cerussite (lead carbonate), phosgenite (lead chlorocarbonate), and laurionite (lead chloride hydroxide).
Very small concentrations of lead ions are known to react with the skin and stimulate the overproduction of nitrogen monoxide (nitric oxide). This molecule is an important biological messenger in mammals. One of its functions is in stimulating the immune defense system, said the researchers in their report.
“One may argue that these lead compounds were deliberately manufactured and used in ancient Egyptian formulations to prevent and treat eye illnesses by promoting the action of immune cells,” they wrote.
The rare phosgenite and laurionite are not found in or near Egypt, and ancient texts suggest that they were synthesized as medicines.

Cosmetic palettes and jars

Cosmetics palettes were used to grind makeup. The earliest examples were rectangular in shape and date back to 5000 BC (Cosmetic Palette). The palettes later adopted a rounder shape like the Narmer palette. King Narmer’s palette was the earliest piece of its kind. It has decorations of the King smiting the enemies of Egypt and the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, as well as a cavity for the grinding of cosmetics, making it a double purposed palette. These later developed into fish shaped palettes. They might have chosen the fish shape as the fish was a symbol of resurrection and new life. The fish shaped palettes were usually adorned with precious stones for royalty. These palettes have developed into baboon shaped containers to hold the kohl which held symbolic meanings for the ancient Egyptians.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rihanna - Lanvin - The Voice Finale

If I can speak for everyone, I can definitely say Rihanna shocked us all with the very "toned" down look rocking a Swarovski studded jumpsuit, strappy heels, and a eye catcher necklace that were featured in Alber Elbaz's Spring/Summer 2013 Lanvin Collection, for her performance on the season finale of  The Voice last week. where she sung her ever so infamous song 'Diamonds' from her recent released album Unapologetic.

Watch Performance below: 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sound Fix

Rocksmith x 2DopeBoyz Present: DopeHouse Capsule Collection

Rocksmith x 2DopeBoyz Limited Edition Capsule Collection "DopeHouse" is now for sale exclusively on
Rocksmith Clothing

2DopeBoyz, in conjunction with Rocksmith, is proud to present and debut the inaugural release of our first capsule collection: DopeHouse.

Inspired by our West Coast roots, the line will consists of a pair of t-shirts, a beanie and a snapback hat that accentuates and is influenced by 2DBz’ California-reared lifestyle, highlighted by the B/W snapback with a unique gold-colored underbrim.


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amare Stoudemire Ties The Knot On 12-12-12 to Alexis Welch

According to popular belief, 12-12-12 is a lucky date that will bring good fortune. Many engaged couples plan to hold their weddings on December 12, 2012, while some expectant parents hope to deliver their baby on that date.
For people attaching special significance to numbers, the highlight of this auspicious day will occur at twelve minutes and twelve seconds past noon. At that moment, the numerical pattern will consist of no less than six repetitions: 12-12-12 12:12:12. 

A day that will not be forgotten by Amare Stoudemire and his long-time partner Alexis Welch.
12-12-12 Mr & Mrs Stoudemire
At the 12-12-12 Sandy Concert. what a way to spend the day of your marriage #GivingBack  
Stoudemire proposes like every man should in a Paris hotel overlooking the Eiffel Tower. With a $1 million dollar ring!
At the Met Gala in NYC Makeup by @Neonfix 

This was very special day for NY Knicks star forward Amare Stoudemire who married his his long time partner Alexis Welch in a secret ceremony at sunset on Wednesday

"They decided to do this because of the date, and they wanted to do something spiritual and private for themselves,” says one insider, who adds that the couple plan on throwing a bigger wedding this summer which Stoudemire’s teammates, who were not aware he was getting married, will be invited to.

Read more:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

LeBron & STUNNING Savannah @ Sports Illustrated Athlete of The Year Gala

Savannah looked AMAZING last night, alongside a VERY DAPPER LEBRON! ! !Photobucket
Savannah's Hair & Makeup by Neonfix / Makeup by: Jhenelle Neon / Hair by: Sabrina Gilbert / Lebron & Savannah Styled by Kesha McCloud (Thomas Faison Agency

LeBron James is the new 2012 Sportsman of the Year, and he received his award at a big honoree ceremony tonight in NYC.  And his fiancee Savannah Brinson was there to celebrate, as well as his homie Jay-Z and wife Beyonce.

LeBron and Savannah made it a celebratory date night while attending the 2012 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award presentation at Espace Wednesday night in NYC.
The twosome made their way to the Miami Heat star's big awards ceremony, and had a few of their A-list friends there to celebrate the ocassion as well--The Carters:
LeBron kept it dapper in an off-black suit, Savannah looked great in a mesh detailed purple cocktail dress Styled by Styled by Kesha McCloud of the Thomas Faison Agency ( while Bey kept it cool in an oxblood pantsuit Styled byTy Hunter.
Photobucket  Photobucket

Fab couple indeed.
LeBron posed on the carpet with his trophy.
Photobucket   Photobucket  Photobucket
And he snapped pics with Hov and his US Olympic Team coach Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Rihanna's Ring Game

“…Especially the rings she wears lower down her fingers. How can I get her look?”
Though Rihanna likes to mix it up when it comes to her hair and look, it seems she mainly sticks to pieces by Jennifer Fisher when it comes to adorning her digits.
Check out a few of her fave pieces from the brand:

Jennifer Fisher White Pavé Diamond Marquis Ring, $3,500

Jennifer Fisher XL Chainlink Ring, $125

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry Stud Ring with Pave White Diamond, $4,500
Jennifer Fisher Stud Ring With Five Studs, Price Available Upon Request
Jennifer Fisher Mini Disc Ring With Pave White Diamonds, $700
With prices ranging from $125 – $4,500, all the pieces are pretty much a splurge, especially if you want to stack ‘em! Check out a few more designs:
Jennifer Fisher Pavé White Diamond Double Finger Bolt Ring, $2,800
Jennifer Fisher Gipsy Finger Ring, $950
Jennifer Fisher Pulse Bar Ring, $1,200
If you simply want to get a similar look, these should work:

If you want to save up your coins for a 100% Rihanna look, see Jennifer Fisher’s full collection at
Would you splurge?


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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kanye West NYC STYLE: Maison Martin Margiela Hoodie and black leather pants from Bottega Veneta’s

Kanye West was spotted all layered up earlier this week as he hit the streets of Manhattan in a long brown velvet pimp coat and Timberland boots. He rounded out his outfit in a Maison Martin Margiela Hoodie and black leather pants from Bottega Veneta’s Fall 2012 collection, which carry a price tag of $5300. Ouch!