Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rihanna - You Da One




Sound Fix

NEON state of mind . . .

Gustto Handbags Winter 2011/2012 Campaign Make up by @JhenelleNeon Hair by @PaulMRabell

Lips On Model Silvia also Lip liner Cherry & So Chaud Matte Lipstick by M.A.C
Gloss by Illuminasqua

NEON / ne·on /n./ a colorless odorless rare gaseous element, occurring in trace amounts in the atmosphere with the atomic number of TEN. It is colorless but glows REDDISH ORANGE in an electrically charged field. So essentially It's a novelty on earth and shows its real color when motivated. My FAVE orange red lipstick So Chaud by M.A.C. ( @neonfix @JhenelleNeon )
Lip liner Cherry & So Chaud Matte Lipstick by M.A.C.
 Gloss : Dior
Hat : Forever 21
Glasses : Urban Outfitters


Lip liner Cherry & So Chaud Matte Lipstick by M.A.C. Gloss by Dior

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Neonfix / Antoine Dunn on BET/ Can't Forget Official Music Video

In case u missed it yesterday on BET's 106 and Park , fabulous Make up by @JhenelleNeon @Neonfix !! Fix P.S. Those are not real tears its MAC LIP GLASS !!!!!
Directed by Light up Film / Stylist Stacey Jordan

Check Him Out @AntoineDunn

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hats Off to You Samuel!!

Tinisee Buckman
  I was planning a shoot last week, and was asked to pull hats by photographer Bryan Taylor Johnson. So I hopped on the major search engine "Google." Through my search I came across Samuel's Hats. From the moment I checked out the hat boutiques site I fell in love! There were hats of different shapes, sizes, and colors. I was as if I died and went to haberdashery heaven!.
  I instantly wanted to talk to Samuel(the man behind the hats) sending him an email; I expected a rejection letter, but was pleasantly surprised. After I explained the concept for our project Samuel was more than happy to lend us sensational hats.
  The day of the shoot I arrived in Samuel's boutique on west 36th street. I soon as i walked into his shop i was blown away by the wall-to-wall hats on display. to be honest i thought I was dreaming. With the hats in hand I was ready for an awesome day of shooting.

About Samuel's Hats

  Samuel's Hats opened shop in 1988 and has been growing ever since thanks to their satisfied clients, and great European and American designers who provide Samuel's with fabulous and unique collections. 

Samuel's Vision

To present to their "Hat Ladies" hand made designs created by the worlds most talented designers that will be loved for years to come. Their desires is to bring the best possible service no matter what the circumstances. With their hats you'll have a confidence that only the perfect hat can give. If you are going to the Kentucky Derby, The Royal Ascott, a wedding, or any special occasion you can count on Samuel's Hats for that unique and fabulous hat that will for sure compliment your outfit and give you the elegance and confidence you always look for. The quality of what they offer combined with the care provided is what makes Samuel's Hats the best in town.

For more about Samuel's Hats

255 West 36th Street Suit 407 
New York, NY 10018
Toll Free: 1(866) 481-HATS(4287)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday GALA to Benefit Lupus Research Institute

Come Enjoy a fabulous Birthday Gala to Raise awareness for Lupus. A condition that effects our Rock Star Coach Jackie Morris, Style Icon Lady GaGa as well as 1.5 million Americans, & at least five million people worldwide (The Lupus Foundation of America).

Monday, November 7, 2011

Neon Fix Artist Spotlight: Photographer Bryan Taylor Johnson

"Allow Him To Shift Your Paradigm"

Tinisee Buckman
Bryan Taylor Johnson is a photographer with a vision and purpose. My first impression of Bryan Taylor Johnson (BTJ) was that “This is a cool guy with dope swag.” I believe I first met BTJ with team Neon Fix at a club in Soho.  Months later I got word that he wanted to book the team’s hair/makeup crew for a shoot in Brooklyn.
      During the shoot I knew that this man was the “Real Deal”.  We have been working with BTJ for months now, and the quality of our joint efforts keeps getting better.  This is a photographer who knows how to follow though with his vision. I, Tinisee Buckman (TB) also had the pleasure of interviewing BTJ for Neon Fix Artist Spotlight, and invite you to share in the details of said interview.

TB: How old are you?

BTJ:  26

TB: Where are you originally from?

BTJ: Baltimore, Maryland

TB: Where do you currently reside?


TB: What are you passionate about?

BTJ: Photography… When I am bored I would rather photograph a client and retouching my images. I also enjoy writing poetry.

TB: What is your favorite quote?

BTJ:  "Work hard for your dreams, or you will work hard for someone who works for theirs."  --Katoriae Brown

Ammo Magazine
TB: What is a fashion photographer in your opinion?

BTJ:  Painting a canvas, advertising the model and the clothing in an admirable light.

TB: So what makes your photography stand out from others?

BTJ: What makes my work stand out is the direction I give. I specialize in body molding. I pose my models and show them how to model. I started working initially with minorities: preparing them for the industry, developing their book and getting them signed up to the top modeling agencies.

Teirra Marie

I think that majority of agencies don’t take the time to develop their models anymore.  They want them to come in as a 'Fresh Face', although expect the models to know how to work and move. Aspiring models come all over the US/World, and they have everything it takes to be a model with the exception of knowing how to model. I understand that the models need training, and agencies are making them work with photographers while they have little to no experience.
It is not the photographer’s duty to train new recruits, but I do.  I show my clients how to move in front of the camera. Educating them key points and helping them understand that is not about being posy, but how to be natural, realistic and advertise their ensembles. I teach my models how to make shapes with their bodies; giving them techniques they will keep forever. Another reason my photography stands out is the post-production aspect of my work. I don’t just shoot models and give them regular material,  I “GO IN” to make sure that they walk away with what can be an editorial or campaign. So when they put my work in their book and present it to an agent, they are advertised respectively as client material. I also don’t do test shoots like most photographers seem to practice. 

Singer: KissiB. (Katoriae Brown)
TB: A modern day “Model Whisperer” really shows in your finish products.  “Allow me to shift your paradigm” is your mission statement. What does that mean?

BTJ: To “shift your paradigm” means having the ability to step out of yourself and change your perspective of an individual. For example when you look at a girl who’s poor, and think to your self “she’s lazy unable to find a job”. Without knowing why this might be so may not justify your perception. However, if you allow yourself to shift your paradigm and see the other side, you end up finding out more about the person, and you experience a change in your perception(s), i.e., a paradigm shift, if you will. I allocate this shift in paradigm to my photography as I step out of myself to find the inner beauty of each individual model. I can not only shoot the typical model but the atypical. I find the key qualities that make my models beautiful and shoot to project that! 

Bryan Taylor Johnson
TB: What was your first taste of the industry before you took photography as a full-time job?

BTJ: My first taste of the industry was when I began in New York City. While in under-grade, attending Morgan State University, (Baltimore, MD)., I came to NYC to pursue my dreams as a fashion model. After graduating, I moved to NYC when I was 23 to peruse my dreams.I enjoy modeling, although it wasn't as financially beneficial as I desired. After leaving Corporate America (FDIC), I couldn't bare getting a job in retail or being a waiter. Thus, I wanted to become financially afloat in another field I was pursing--fashion photography. My clientele began to build immensely. I began photographing women initially.  When I started shooting men I found that the production was a lot quicker and easier.

TB: Would you say that molding your models gives you the upper hand because you were a model before?
Bryan Taylor Johnson

BTJ: Modeling definitely has given me an upper hand in the business.  I know what it’s like to be a model. I know how tired they can get. I know how weak their faces can become after shooting over 300 slides. As a photographer, I have compassion for my models. I  can relate to them, illustrating and letting them know it is ok to relax, and take a short break--enabling them to execute the shoot to the best of their abilities. 
Modeling did help immensely. When I came to NYC as a model I started work immediately and began establishing my name as a brand. The character building helped me circulate professionally and gain the trust and good-will necessary in my profession

TB: How would you describe Bryan Taylor Johnson in a few words?

BTJ:  Bryan Taylor Johnson is an entrepreneur, a wonderful friend and a great business man. 

TB: What is your personal style?

BTJ:  My personal style is European with a New York edge. For the winter give me some combat boots, skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater. For the summer: gladiator sandals, some nice jean shorts (cuffed), and anything from a blazer,T-shirt to a tank top with a fedora.  

TB: What is something that no one knows about you that you would like to share?

BTJ:  I’m pretty much an open book. What I would love to share publicly is that, I care about my models. I care about their image. "Your image, is my image"--Bryan Taylor Johnson

TB: Would you say that you are a fashionable person?

BTJ:  Yes! I am a very fashionable guy. I consider myself a fashionable gentleman.

TB: Who are your top 5 designers?

BTJ: I love every designer whose design catches my eye.

TB: What makes a Bryan Taylor Production?

BTJ:  It would be my awesome team! My wonderful makeup artist: Tinisee Buckman; my right hand man, sytlist and designer, Marc Clark; as well as my loyal assistants.
Stylist Marc Clark, Karina Bradley, and BTJ

TB: What is the legacy you want to leave behind?
BTJ: My legacy would be leaving the world with lasting and impressionable portraits--images that will keep forever. I want to leave behind “art work” that will be framed so people can cast their dreams in  my work.

TB: What would you say is your weakness?
BTJ:  More money for a larger production.

TB: What is the next step for Bryan Taylor Johnson Photography?
BTJ:The next step for Bryan Taylor Johnson Photography is the course that my company is taking. I'm currently shifting my target market. I want to continue working with celebrities, brands, campaigns and advertising companies. 

TB: Who are your some of your photography idols, and what makes you a fan of their work?
                Bruce Weber                                                                  David LaChappelle                                                                     Steven Klein                                         Steven Meisel                                                                                   
BTJ: Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, David LaChapelle and Bruce Weber.
I appreciate Bruce Webber’s naturalism in his style of art. He has a way of capturing beauty in an easy and glorifying light. I think Steven Meisel post production is BONKERS. He creates 16 Century painting. I study the layers that he uses. It reminds me of Mariah Carry who is one of my favorite singers. When you have a certain craft you have to figure out a way how people can’t mimic you. People can’t mimic Mariah because she records so many layers making it nearly impossible for other artists to imitate. Steven Meisel, Steven Klein and all the great photographers do the same thing in their post-production; creating one-of-a-kind photography you can’t imitate no matter how hard you try. That is how I also do my work.  I create so many layers to get the look that I want.    

From Grace, With Love(Vogue Italia, 2011)
TB: What is an ad campaign that you would want to shoot?
BTJ: I would love to shoot for D&G because they push the bar.  Their ads are like paintings. D&G reminds me of the time I went to The Luve in Paris a couple of years ago. As I admired the portraits it really inspired me to want to create timeless pieces of my own.

TB: What are some encouraging words that you can give to young photographers starting out? 

BTJ: Never stop going for your dreams…What I say to my interns who are aspiring photographers “WAKE UP, STUDY, AND EXECUTE!!”
TB:Neon Fix Cares is a Non Profit Organization that assists women with low self-esteem to appreciate the Value of Vanity. How in your own way can you spread the value of Positive Vanity, Bryan?

BTJ: My way of expressing positive vanity would be this: photograph yourself at least twice a year. Remind yourself how beautiful you are. I think women should take the time to pamper and treat themselves.

Bryan Taylor is a man with a vision and a purpose. With his career taking flight the sky is the limit for his undeniable talent. As time progress, his work will only become more admirable... So ladies and gentlemen, buckle
- up because
Bryan Taylor Johnson is about to 'Shift Your Paradigm.'

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jeggings Make Iris Apfel Want To Throw Up and Other opinions from Her Interview with The Telegraph

“Now when I walk down Fifth Avenue in the summertime I just want to throw up. It seems that the fatter and uglier people are, the fewer clothes they wear. The shorts and flip-flops and tight jeans on butts that go from here to Poughkeepsie.” She shudders. “I always say they should put people in jail for wearing clothes like that. Especially stretch jeans over size 10–they should be outlawed. Ten years ago people were starting to look like slobs in New York, now it’s an epidemic.”
June Ambrose and Iris Apfel Front Row at Sachika Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week "Awakening of a Swan"
Swan Ballerina Kimberly Giannelli , Hair & Make up By Neonfix 

In an interview with The Telegraph, style icon Iris Apfel lets loose on everyone from New Yorkers to celebrities to her late husband, proving that when you are 90 years old, you can say whatever you damn well please (and that everyone will still love you). Here are the best quotes from the article, hilarious snippets just as eccentric as Apfel’s infamous wardrobe.

On personal style (prompted by Lindsay Lohan asking Apfel to be her stlyist):
“I can’t tell people how to have style. No amount of money can buy you style. It’s just instinctive. You can’t try to be somebody you’re not; that’s not style. If someone says, ‘Buy this, you’ll be stylish,’ you won’t be stylish because you won’t be you. You have to learn who you are first and that’s painful… I don’t try to intellectualize about it because it tightens you up. I think you have to be loose as a goose.”
On being an overweight teen and losing weight by smoking cigarettes:
“I was very unhappy so I ate and ate and ate and no clothes would fit me. My mother used to tear her hair out when she took me shopping… the salesgirl would always say to me, ‘Why don’t you be slim like your mother?’…I used to smoke like a fiend. I smoked four packs a day. I never do anything half-assed, shall we say, but I stopped because I felt I was getting to be an addict. I’ve got very good willpower.”
On celebrities: 
“Most of the young people today look dreadful. And celebrities look even worse. They don’t know what to do with themselves. At the Golden Globes and Oscars they all look alike–it seems like they’re all wearing the same nightgown and this year nobody had any jewelry at all. Only Helen Mirren was wearing a beautiful necklace, but even she got it wrong because the necklace just ruined the dress. I think the designer must have wanted to kill himself when he saw her.”
On meeting her husband:
“He told my friend that he thought I was very attractive if only I would go and have my nose fixed. So I said, ‘You can tell him to go fly a kite.’”
On her iconic glasses:
“When I needed to wear glasses, I decided I’d wear glasses. All the better to see you with.”
On people who have bad style: 
“It’s a free country – if you want to look like a freak, that’s your problem.”

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion Night Out Freebies


The third annual Fashion's Night Out celebration will cover 18 countries internationally and more than 250 cities within the U.S, as well as countless retailers online.

However, Fashion's Night Out, which originated in New York courtesy of Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenburg, will have the most freebies throughout Manhattan.

Here is a list of free stuff you can score during Fashion's Night Out Sept. 8 in New York:

1.     Warren-Tricomi Salon at The Plaza Hotel: Violet Lips is giving away temporary lip tattoos, makeup touchups and free hairstyling. 1 West 58th Street

2.     QVC in SoHo: Free beauty tips and tricks from QVC in SoHo. 428 Broadway
3.     Lenovo Connections Lounge at Saks Fifth Avenue: Lenovo is giving away an IdeaPad U300s laptop. 611 Fifth Avenue
4.     Bloomingdale's: Free henna tattoo from Diane VonFurstenberg inspired by the Indian Temple Collection. 1000 3rd Avenue
5.     Volkswagen is offering free rides in the new 2012 VW Passats between pick-up sites located at 50th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue) and Green Street (between Prince and Spring Street).
6.     JCPenney Herald Square: Bringing a fashion "miss," or something that does not fit or look good on you, and you will receive a free gift card plus expert advice from a fashion stylist. All "misses" given to JCPenney will be donated to charity. 901 Ave Of The Americas
7.     Tory Burch: Free Tory Burch tote with $100 purchase. 38-40 Little West 12th Street
8.     DNKY: Free tote and free DVD copy of "Bill Cunningham New York." Also, free Blind Barber haircut, popcorn and Brooklyn Lager. 655 Madison Avenue
9.     Swarvoski: Free crystal tattoo to all shoppers and a free crystallized compact to those who spend $150 or more. 200 Park Avenue
10.  Bare Escentuals: Free tote bag with $50 purchase. Free "makeunder" inside Macy's at Herald Square. 151 West 34th Street
11.  Coup de Coeur: Free drinks, music and makeup. In addition, Coup de Coeur is offering 20 percent storewide savings and a free $25 gift card for spending $200. 163 3rd Avenue
12.  Lucky Brand: Free embroidery with any denim purchase along with Timm Gunn and free hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. 535 Broadway
13.  Victoria's Secret: Free photo opportunity and makeovers with Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Erin Heatherton and Lily Aldridge. 1328 Broadway
14.  Wolford: Free black belt with $250 or more purchase. Free pair of black Fatal 50 tights with purchase of a convertible Fatal tube dress-to-skirt. 122 Greene Street
15.  Clinique: The Clinique counter in Macy's is offering 15ml samples of Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief to anyone who gets a consultation. 151 West 34th Street
16.  The Vince Smith Hair Experience: Free 15 minute hair consultations and complimentary styles. Guests can also enjoy makeup touch-ups, airbrush tattoos, and champagne in addition to product and gift certificate giveaways. 300 Rector Pl
17.  Patricia Field: Free vodka drinks and pierogies from Veselka. 302 Bowery
18.  Lord & Taylor: Free gift bag on the 4th floor at the 5th Ave flagship store. 424 5th Ave
19.  Maybelline at the Gansevoort Plaza: Free tube of Great Lash mascara signed by a Maybelline New York spokesmodel. 18 9th Avenue
20.  Crabtree & Evelyn: Free trial size of pomegranate soap, body lotion or shower gel. Free gift with $75 purchase. 10 Columbus Circle
21.  L'Occitane en Provence: Free hand massages to shoppers and free gift with any Immortelle moisturizer and one other full size skincare product purchase. 10 Columbus Circle
22.  Sephora Columbus Circle: Free custom portrait using eyeliner from Peter Thomas Roth 10 Columbus Circle
23.  Duo: Free giveaways every hour. 337 East 9th Street
24.  J&R Music and Computer World: Free goodie bag with $25 or more purchase. 23 Park Row
25.  7 For All Mankind: Free Denim Therapy hem with jeans purchase. 394 West Broadway
26.  Aveda: Free personal hair styling, consultations, makeup touch-ups and stress-relieving massages. 5th Avenue
27.  Forever 21: Free gift while supplies last. 40 E 14th St
28.  Kenneth Cole Fifth Avenue: Receive a free Kenneth Cole Fashion's Night Out t-shirt when you make a purchase, or by using Foursquare to check in at Kenneth Cole. 95 5th Avenue
29.  Tracy Reese: Free dance party and Clos de Bois wine until closing. Free gifts offered to best dancers. 641 Hudson Street
30.  Alice + Olivia: Free carnival games, popcorn, cotton candy, drinks, prizes and hair styles by Sebastian. 80 W 40th St