Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hair Salon ad stirring up negative social media waves.

This ad for Fluid Salon is causing controversy in the social media world. The ad depicts a woman sitting on a sofa with a black eye. Standing behind her is a man, carrying what looks to be a diamond necklace. The caption reads, “Look good in all you do.” 

On my one angelic shoulder: To each his own marketing and out reach strategies but a more appropriate approach at this issue would be. . . to push the issue of not tolerating this type of abuse, as no one should be given the chance to strip you of any of your fabulous attributes. . . not oh well at least "I still look good". PSA FAIL. Not to mention the "all you do". Does this not insinuate she is defining herself by this situation and moment. SMH

On my "Other" shoulder: This scene cuts close to home except for in my familiar memory the protagonist also "look good in all they do",  kicking some violator butt like J LO in Enough, complete with six inch, strappy, butterfly kicks, beige Loubiton claw marks to the dome, styled in rad Hourani for it's agility and cushion against a buffet of weapons & artillery . . .xoxo styled politically incorrect .

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kim Kardashian’s Three Wedding Gowns: All the Details!

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress
Courtesy Vera Wang
When Kim Kardashian chose family friend Vera Wang to create her custom couture wedding gowns, she knew things would be picture perfect. What she didn’t know, however, was which of the three intricate gowns she would choose to wear for her walk down the aisle.
“I truly, up until two days before [the wedding] could not decide which to wear,” the bride admits to PEOPLE. After seeking advice from friends, family — and of course Wang herself — the choice was clear: Kardashian made her grand entrance in what she calls the “princess look” gown, a ball gown with full tulle skirt, basque waist and hand-pieced Chantilly lace appliqué on bodice and train. Along with her Lorraine Schwartz headpiece, she wore a cathedral-length veil with hand-pieced Chantilly lace appliqué at the hem and a lightly shirred blusher layer.
“It was Cinderella,” Wang tells PEOPLE of the overall look. “But Cinderella with a very sexy body. She has a very Liz Taylor or Sophia Loren kind of body and we didn’t want to lose that.”

Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress
Courtesy Vera Wang
For the first dance, Kardashian went with something completely different — the gown that ended up being “my favorite,” she says — a sexier, Georgette mermaid dress with hand-pieced Chantilly lace appliqué on bodice. The skirt had hand-cut organza petals intermixed with Chantilly lace motifs and organza sprig embroidery.
And lastly, when it was time to party, Kardashian made her third and final change of the evening into a bias-cut crepe-back satin gown with v-neck and circle skirt. She accessorized all three looks with custom Lorraine Schwartz jewels.
Wang summed up the experience perfectly: “It was a wonderful process. The fact that she came to me for having a certain classicism mixed with modernity, I feel very honored.”
Kim Kardashian Wedding Dress
Courtesy Vera Wang
–Jennifer Garcia
E! News will air a two-part special, Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, on Oct. 9 and 10, only on E!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

We love Walter Steiger. . .from the bottom of our heels & arch !

Fiat to Unveil '500 by Gucci' During NY Fashion Week

Hold onto your handbags. Fiat says it will unveil upscale Gucci-themed versions of the otherwise proletariat 500 coupe and 500c convertible on Fashion’s Night Out, September 8, to kick off New York Fashion Week.
Developed in collaboration with Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini and Fiat’s Centro Stile, Fiat says the two models, one finished in pearl-glass black paint and another in pearl-glass white, are inspired by neo-classic black-and-white films.

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Really Louboutin ? Their price point has def gone straight to their head . .Designer's Claim Rival's Red Soles Infringed Trademark Is Rejected

A federal judge has refused to grant a preliminary injunction stopping Yves Saint Laurent from selling shoes with a red sole that rival design house Christian Louboutin claims infringe on its trademark.Saying he did not believe that a designer could trademark a color, Southern District Judge Victor Marrero in Christian Louboutin SA v. Yves Saint Laurent America Inc., 11-cv-2381, yesterday ruled that Louboutin is unlikely to prevail in its claims against YSL, and, further, that if YSL moved for summary judgment that Louboutin's trademark is invalid, he would grant it.
Louboutin sued YSL in April, alleging that several of its rival's shoes infringed Louboutin's 2008 trademark on women's shoes with a red outsole, in violation of the Lanham Act. Louboutin has identified its particular shade as "Chinese red," but argued that any confusingly similar shade would infringe the trademark. YSL's allegedly infringing shoes are monochrome, entirely red, including their outsoles.
In denying the motion, Judge Marrero said that a color, being an essential element of fashion design, could not be trademarked, even though the red outsole was strongly associated with Louboutin shoes in the public mind.
"Because in the fashion industry color serves ornamental and aesthetic functions vital to robust competition, the Court finds that Louboutin is unlikely to be able to prove that its red outsole brand is entitled to trademark protection, even if it has gained enough public recognition in the market to have acquired secondary meaning," he said.

Reuters/Carlo Allegri
Red soles have been the trademark of Christian Louboutin's shoes since 1992.
The judge acknowledged that courts had recognized the use of color in trademarks in the fashion industry before, but only in patterns with multiple designs to create a unique mark, like the Louis Vuitton logo or Burberry plaid. He also noted that courts had recognized trademarks covering single colors, but only for industrial products, which would be identical if manufacturers did not use color to distinguish their products.
That use of trademarks, he said, is not applicable to fashion.


Beyonce @ the Roseland Tuesday night

Photo: Michael Caulfield/ Getty Images
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Beyoncé played her second of four nights at New York's Roseland Ballroom on Tuesday night, presenting an ear-popping event that served as a cabaret act featuring a ferocious mix of old favorites and new tracks from her album 4.

Billed as an intimate night with the superstar, the show feautured B in a sparkly silver dress, backed by a full-on orchestra and several backup dancers. No costume changes, no elaborate set changes. The real star was B's never-miss-a-note voice and her razzle-dazzle dance moves.

During the first part of the night, Beyoncé gave fans some of the inside stories behind her biggest hits, ranging from her early beginnings with Destiny's Child to her breakout moments as a solo artist. Her swagger never faltered and was evident when she spouted lines like "On April 4, 2008, somebody put a ring on it," before launching into her hit "Single Ladies." Before that revealing moment, Beyoncé sang bits and pieces of her biggest hits like "Bootylicious," "Survivor," "Bills, Bills, Bills," and "Crazy in Love." No stone was left unturned.

The night, however, was really all about 4. She ran through the entire album, displaying her panache for old-school performing the likes of Tina Turner or Diana Ross. During ballads like "1+1," "I Care" and the show-closing "End of Time," Queen B's vocal abilities outshined it all.

It was her ability to throw a party during faster jams like "Party," "Countdown," "End of Time" and "Run the World (Girls)" that put on full display her range as a performer, dancing and singing live the entire night. Her fans sang along to every word and their energy for the material was only matched by Beyoncé's enthusiasm for live performance.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Style Police : "The Bad Hair Bandit" and her repeat offence crime spree of bad synthetic bob wiggings

AUBURN, Calif. -- Police in California have arrested a woman that the FBI now believes is the infamous "Bad Hair Bandit", an FBI spokesman said Wednesday.

A woman matching the description and following the same pattern of the repeat robber was arrested Monday afternoon along with her alleged getaway driver after a bank robbery in Auburn, California.

Placer County Sheriff Edward Bonner says the woman went into the Bank of the West branch and passed a note to a teller saying she had a gun and wanted money. After getting an undisclosed amount of cash, she ran to a waiting car behind the bank and they drove off, Bonner said.

A witness was able to give detectives the license plate of the car the pair were tracked down about 12 miles from the bank.

On Tuesday, Bonner identified the alleged robber as 46-year-old Cynthia Van Holland and her alleged getaway driver as 26-year-old Christopher Alonzo. Both are from Hayden, Idaho.

FBI spokeswoman Ayn Sandalo Dietrich said that after collaborating with FBI task forces in Seattle and Sacramento, agents now believe Holland is indeed the Bad Hair Bandit, who is accused of at least 20 robberies across Washington, Oregon, California and Montana since December. Twelve of those robberies occurred in the Puget Sound area.

In previous robberies, the Bad Hair Bandit typically passed a note to the teller stating she was armed and wants cash, according to the FBI's website. She then usually leaves in a getaway car.

She earned her nickname from the variety of wigs she wore during the robberies.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

Commentary on the Capitalist designer labels this society uses as the frame of reference for status. . .that my trifling hypocritical a$$ hopes I can afford one day. . .actually I don't need Gucci - Gucci and hold the Fendi - Fendi, I'll take extra Prada - Prada, with a side of Jeremy Scott - Scott and Rad Hourani - Rani.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had

So fitting for wedding season. . .for all the brides that dodged the bullet and found their prince charming !