Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Essentially this is what we do . . .

Hair, Make-up, Style. . .Pomade, Powder, Pumps. . .POW!. . .Ya dig???
Thanks for the photo Sheena :giggles:------> !!

Sketchboii Lance 2011 spread in Archarios Literary Art Magazine inspired by neonfix la vida glamoure shoot with CoCo & Breezy

(hair/style:Paul M. Rabell make-up/Tinisee Buckman & Jhenelle Hill)

Monday, April 25, 2011

NeonFix + Gustto = Hottest Spring 2011 Campaign

How do you say yummy in Italy ? "Delizioso". . . or for a more visual translation, just flash an image of Gustto's spring 2011 campaign!!! Gustto Bags are every "donna's" practical fantasy for this season!!! Haute Italian styles dipped in un-pretentious hues & shades.  Catwalk ready accessories that transform any "signora" into a sidewalk fashionista!
words by @nellneon
Hair/ Paul Mitchell Rabell
Make up/ Jhenelle Hill

Sunday, April 17, 2011


COCO AND BREEZY 2 GIRLS ON 1 MISSION ON OUR JOURNEY IN NEW YORK,WATCH OUR SUCCESS: Beyonce wearing Coco && Breezy: "Beyonce, first person SPOTTED wearing NEW COLLECTION, 'Wear-able Art.' She was wearing 'Uni' bracelet. This item can be worn more th..."

Yeezy ' s Beautiful, Dark, Twisted, Fantasy, Scarves

Kanye West has teamed up with French design firm M/M (Paris) to create a collection of silk scarves inspired by the artwork from his last album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. This is a fitting collaboration considering the fact that M/M designers Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag designed the album’s linear notes with a gold illustrative letterset. The scarves measure in at almost a square meter and will be sold in a series of 250 scarves — 50 for each of the 5 different My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy covers. They will be available in the coming weeks at Colette and

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nicki Minaj . . .Style, Image, Icon

Nicki minaj premiers her multi-colored Jeremy Scott Outfit, spills about how mood dictates her style, her split style alter ego's, Fans cloning & embodying her image. Roman comes out when we question her self proclaimed PASTELLE personality, But come on, everyone knows her style is clearly NEON!!!! Vougue give her the cover already!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neon Fix Artist Spotlight: Antonio Guerra


"Do not fear the Marca De Beatz"

I’ve had the pleasure of working with photographer Antonio Guerra on several projects. Every time I walk into his studio I’m always anxious for the shoot to be over so he can start editing the photos. He never disappoints time after time. As a fellow Sagittarius I knew that his artistry has no limits. I’m always amazed how polished and unique he is in his editing skills.

I can go on and on about how DOPE this guy is, but I will let you find out for yourself. I had the honor of interviewing this new up and coming artist for Neon Fix Artist Spotlight.


How old are you?


TB:Where are you from?

AG:Trenton NJ

TB:Where are you located?

AG:Trenton NJ / Atlanta GA

TB:What is your Favorite quote?

AG:"You will rust out, before you ware out" Meaning, inactivity will hurt you more the activity that you are procrastinating on. Sitting still is more damaging then moving.

TB:Why did you choose "Marca De Beatz" as the name of your photography and work?

AG:Marca means sign, de means of, and beatz is a representation of the audio production side of my company. We were basically a sign of the beats. We started off as a production team. The photography was initially a promotional idea, that eventually gained more popularity then our musical creations. We are currently in the process of splitting the company, leaving Marca de Beatz for the audio production, and Antonio Guerra for future photographic works.

TB:Did you know that photography was what you wanted to do from a young age?

AG: I always knew that I would be an artist. When I was young my mother told me that artists don't usually make much money, but that didn't deter me from giving it a shot. It pains me to have a career that is exactly the same EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

TB:How long have you been a photographer?

AG:I believe all my life's experiences go into each and every project, so I'm going to 30 years.

TB:What made you decide to take photography from a hobby to a career?

AG:A very wise woman (My Mother) told me as a child, "Find out what you would do for free... everyday... and still love it. And then find out how to get paid for it." I shot for free for about two years. When I realized that I was approaching the level of my idols, I decided to start charging.

TB:You have such outstanding photoshop skills. Did you go to school for photography, or are you self taught?

AG:I am self taught. I like to use reverse engineering a lot. I can look at an image and take it apart. Once you learn how to take an object apart, you there by know how to build it again, in different variations and scenarios.

TB:If you could do a portrait shot of anyone in the world who would it be?

AG:I would like to shoot with Lil Wayne, this way I can play my beats through the so my production can make it on the next album.

TB:Do you prefer working in the studio, or working on location?

AG:I prefer shooting on location, because I believe a good picture should have at least 3 subjects, which is a lot easier to obtain in an environment.

TB:What inspires your artistry?


TB:Do you have any idols in the photography world?

AG:John Farrar, Micheal O, and Maya Guez.

Photobucket John Farrar Micheal O Maya Guez

TB:Where do you see yourself in the next 5 year?

AG:An international photographer and music producer for the hottest stars!

TB:I know there are a lot of young artist looking up to you. What are some encouraging words to keep their dreams and hopes alive?

AG:Create your one lane. Never be afraid to be you. You don't have to be conventional, not now, not ever!

The future is bright for Antonio! All I can say is where ever this talented man ends up there will be art, love, and passion!

By: Tinisee Buckman

Monday, April 11, 2011

This Season's Nail Trends are "Quite Cute"

This season MAC delivers Yummy candy coated Laquers in three Spring has Sprung Shades! Available Now from ther "Quite Cute" Collection!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Neon Fix Cares . . .Spreading the "VALUE of VANITY"

Neon Fix Cares is a non profit movement seeking to prove the "Value of Vanity " by providing the tools needed to alter and own the mental picture of ourselves. It is a movement spreading beauty, enhancement and empowerment that transcend domestic violence, illness, & poverty. Life's trials & tribulations can be demoralizing, degrading and at times strip us of self esteem. A positive self image is a key brush stroke in creating the masterpiece that is our self worth. It is true we should not solely depend on this face value. However, it is remarkable how polished hair, a bit of mascara, & an overall new expression of your personal style, can alter your perception. A make over providing what your confidence needs to thrive, delivering A rebirth of ourselves & and our esteem. Check out one of our Advocates, Actress/Singer Adrienne Bailon !  
words @Jhenelleneon

Vanity Day May 2011

BIG THANK YOU again to all the artists and sponsors that made this day possible! I was almost brought to tears by the effort all the artist put in to making this "Vanity Day" a special day for our clients. It was a heart felt event filled with a lot of insight & emotion. I could not believe two of the women were experiencing the power of hair & make up for the first time. Smiles were testament to the success of the day & all four women seemed thrilled with their new look. Le Souk provided a very intimate atmosphere for personal, life, self image & vanity discussion. We came to a common consensus that vanity is innocent & necessary as long as it is based on YOUR perception and taste and not contrasted and compared to popular culture and not dependent on the validation of the masses. Only YOU know the VALUE of your VANITY, not society. I anticipate the growth of our movement and can't wait to take over the world, one vain day at a time. Looking forward to our next event.

Neon Fix

Vanity Day Artists

Ebonie Day / Hair

Janera Rose / Hair

Jhenelle Neon / Coordinator  / Make-up

Myrtha Nadine Jasmin / Hair

Paul Mitchell Rabell / Hostess

Ryan B. Anthony / Hair

Tinisee Buckman / Make-up

Special Thanks

Violence Intervention Program

Sean InHD/ Videographer/ 347-620-INHD [4643]

Lush Cosmetics / 1293 Broadway, NYC

Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics/

Le Souk Harem/ 510 Laguardia Place NYC/

Ovando Florists/ 337 Bleeker street, NYC

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Prada Lace-Up Cutout Wedge

Prada delivers the hottest wedge of the season. Perfect for going shopping or walking the dog. Get height, feel fab & fierce while feeling un-pretentious and comfy!!!! The cool grey blue color story puts the icing on your swag, giving you the best of both worlds; in your face style with a practical build. Have your cake and eat it too. Now u are very much #WINNING !!!