Thursday, June 17, 2010

Public Service Announcement. . . Brought to you by the fab people of Neon Fix

This is a public service announcement sponsored by the INDIVIDUALS at NEON FIX.

Neon wants you to not loose yourself in all this assimilation propaganda. You come into this world and theirs this glossy, pretty, geometrical box that your given to step into. It's lined with promises of security, liberty, and the most seductive siren of all synthetic happiness. . .but at what cost. Join the android fashion show? Loosing your affinity for self and human novelty.

Walk the Neon runway, paved with distinction and difference, and come as you are.

Everyone has a vice, fetish, an addiction as diverse as the color wheel. So don't be afraid to get your Individual Fix. . .Your Neon Fix <3>




Wednesday, June 16, 2010

M.A.C. face charts gets Glamzy!

M.A.C. Glamzy an Amazing App for on the go Application. Simulate the make-up application process anywhere, anytime, without getting your brushes dirty or wasting your product. Complete M.A.C. collection swatch gallery so u choose your face template, product, color, and placement. Ideal for Make-up artists to catalog certain looks for clients or anyone into the artistry. Sadly only available on the android market . . . Other operating systems stay tuned :-)

Friday, June 11, 2010


CALABO. . . Once upon a time. . . Ken flew in to Malibu from Tokyo determined to retrieve the girl that got away. Accross seas he tired of the city life, complicated Harajuku babes, feuled his longing to be back in Barbies world. . . But they were from two different molds. . . how could he fuse them? Styled in the Malibu Stevie Collection
he courts B a changed man , melting her pink plastic heart into the palm of his hands. . . and then they lived happily ever after. . .JUNE 12th MALIBU STEVIE COLLECTION


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Put the ILL factor into your gloss!

ILLAMASQUA has managed to transcend M.A.C. lip glass! Vibrant colored glosses with a sheer moisturizing feel. . . The hue Indulge is amazing (It's a Neon Pink. . . as if u didn't know this would be our fave!) Cop it at


We styled international, now we down in Tribeca right next to DiNero but we'll be Neon forever. Our Rouge street massive of models shuts down Greenwich Between Hudson & West side High, with demographic altering style & grace. Once again Neon Fix has brought down the neighbor hood. Proving you can go to school and buy a BEAMER, BENZ, OR BENTLEY, but you can't purchase our caliber of class. XOXO Neon


Malibu to Tokyo Ken & Malibu B. . . Models for Stevie Boi's new collection dropping June 12th @, Make-up & Hair by Neon Fix, Model, Style & Accessories----> Stevie Boi, Photo by Michael Antonio

Friday, June 4, 2010

R.I.P. Kanye West's Pastell

Seems largely of character, that after working meticulously for two (2) years on his much anticipated clothing line,
Pastell (past tell museum), Kanye would stop the project dead in it's tracks. MURDERER! According to witnesses the scene must have went something like this. . . In a drunken stupor, Kanye can be heard referring to his garments as Taylored Swift, proclaiming Beyonce's House of Dereon could fashion battle Pastell to the grave, and arise the victor. He was then spotted in the dessert donning matching Dereon stockings and garter, shoving every sample piece into his car trunk, ripping them to shreds with a diamond cut shovel, all to the soundtrack of "Flashing lights". Ok so that was pure speculation, but my sources were very convincing. His line, he boasts, was to be a style mix of Urban outfitters, Polo, & American Apparel. Amazing lifestyle collection that postmortem, still does wardrobe for my dreams. After recruiting Lupe Fiasco & Rihanna for a campaign add, Mr. West faked left, and has supposedly gone right back to the drawing board to soon release a new self titled line. If he had just branded the project Neon instead of Pasttell, the outcome would have never been this dim lit.
R.I.P. Pastell

Pastell . . . we mean Neon :-)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

All that glitters

All that glitters is Tinisee not Gold.
Model: Gina
Make-up: Neon Fix (Tinisee Buckman)

Like we're UBER excited about NeonFixing Hazel-E!

Shoot 4 Nylon Mag & Hazel-E Today. Like Stevie Boi on Style, & like YES Neon Fixed the face & hair, & No we're not like clueless, & Yes we're like totally awesome, & Yes we like to listen to N.E.R.D. but like NO we're not standing in line for the restroom cause the only blow we do comes out of our hair dryer not daddys $100 bill:-)


Alexander Wang 2010 Fall - Alexander Wang Collections on

Alexander Wang 2010 Fall - Alexander Wang Collections on

Alexander Wang- 2010 Fall

When McQueen (R.I.P.) waltzed off of the glam punk scene into Elizabethan tangent land, the other Alexander, WANG that is , was there to hold onto the classic edge without falling off. This collection uses material to void the neck area, keeping you toasty warm in autumn, while highlighting the jaw line. Anyone adorned in his new fall 2010 line will unconsciously urge to blog, do crumpets & tea all while moshing in the pit.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pseudo Science

When will the legitimacy of the art world be recognized. We, your painters and creators are tired of being seen in dim light. We are not a pseudo science but an organic part of societies form and function. Where their is vision there is a reason to express and communicate...Verbally, tangibly, visually. Painting, "The Wish" by Lori Earley

M.I.A. P.O.W. & She's got something to say!

Rapper M.I.A. has been just that, taken by Rock music as a P.O.W. and Hip Hop has been on the hunt since 17:00 hours. Our Political Neon M.I.A. has come back with POWER POWER! Under tones of back alley punk percussion & pulsing electric guitar echo in her new single "Born Free" drowning out her Electro-Hip Hop Past. A reminder that freedom of speech is at bare minimum our birth right , in the event our constitutional rights become cloudy and our option of verbal choice becomes obsolete. Neon will always have something to say. :-O!!


Sadlllllllllllllly Missbehave Magazine has been put to rest. TEAR*. But as a memorial one of their most tittilating blog posts ! BOOBIES!!!!!!!

Neon Fix & Pamela Quinzi 4 Pam Ola Couture "Vintage REvolution" Fashion Show!!!!!

Fix gets 'Beautiful & Dirty Rich'

Like we're UBER excited about Fixing Hazel-E!

Shoot 4 Nylon Mag & Hazel-E Thursday. Like Stevie Boi on Style, & like YES Neon is Fixing the face & hair, & No we're not like clueless, & Yes we're like totally awesome, & Yes we like listen to N.E.R.D. but like NO we're not standing in line for the restroom cause the only blow we do comes out of our hair dryer not daddys $100 bill:-)