Friday, June 4, 2010

R.I.P. Kanye West's Pastell

Seems largely of character, that after working meticulously for two (2) years on his much anticipated clothing line,
Pastell (past tell museum), Kanye would stop the project dead in it's tracks. MURDERER! According to witnesses the scene must have went something like this. . . In a drunken stupor, Kanye can be heard referring to his garments as Taylored Swift, proclaiming Beyonce's House of Dereon could fashion battle Pastell to the grave, and arise the victor. He was then spotted in the dessert donning matching Dereon stockings and garter, shoving every sample piece into his car trunk, ripping them to shreds with a diamond cut shovel, all to the soundtrack of "Flashing lights". Ok so that was pure speculation, but my sources were very convincing. His line, he boasts, was to be a style mix of Urban outfitters, Polo, & American Apparel. Amazing lifestyle collection that postmortem, still does wardrobe for my dreams. After recruiting Lupe Fiasco & Rihanna for a campaign add, Mr. West faked left, and has supposedly gone right back to the drawing board to soon release a new self titled line. If he had just branded the project Neon instead of Pasttell, the outcome would have never been this dim lit.
R.I.P. Pastell

Pastell . . . we mean Neon :-)

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