Thursday, June 17, 2010

Public Service Announcement. . . Brought to you by the fab people of Neon Fix

This is a public service announcement sponsored by the INDIVIDUALS at NEON FIX.

Neon wants you to not loose yourself in all this assimilation propaganda. You come into this world and theirs this glossy, pretty, geometrical box that your given to step into. It's lined with promises of security, liberty, and the most seductive siren of all synthetic happiness. . .but at what cost. Join the android fashion show? Loosing your affinity for self and human novelty.

Walk the Neon runway, paved with distinction and difference, and come as you are.

Everyone has a vice, fetish, an addiction as diverse as the color wheel. So don't be afraid to get your Individual Fix. . .Your Neon Fix <3>

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