Friday, July 23, 2010

Co Co & Breezy & the Glam Exposure!!!!

Feeling real Co-co & breezy after our shoot with the ladies. Neon Fix gets the lovelies to trade in their shades and become more about face. These girls belong in front of a camera permanently. . .Quick someone hide their eye wear . . .the world is missing out!!!
Neon Fix Presents :
La Vida Glamoure starring:
Coco & Breezy
Hair,Makeup & Style: Neon Fix
Wardrobe pulled from Designers: Sammy B , Pamela Quinzi, Sweet Rags Clothing, La Vita Clothing, & NYC Mess Queen
Photographers : Cory Malcolm, Julio Carreras, & Phillipe Bontemps
Location: Tribeca, Ny, NY

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tuesday July 20th OVAHHH!!!!!

La Vida Glamoure Photoshoot & Wrap Party w/ Co Co & Breezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21 to enter . . .Go Glam & dress to impress. Mention Vegas Guest List!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Marc & Mya

Hello Alexander. . . Good morning McQueen

"but did I kill a Queen? the Alexander McQueen’s got the wrists on
glow the bottles is on por’ got that shimmy shimmy yeah shimmy yeah shimmy yo!"


Marc Jacobs. . .the nude collection

Who needs material and thread????

I'll have a Billionaire Boy and a 2 piece original recipe !!!!

Omg Skate board P grew a mustache & turned into a KFC mascot. He's still hot, extra crispy with a biscuit plus a billionaire boy, so most won't even see past his knot of big faces!!! Further more . .The BB Club has new classic Low top sneakers with canvas upper and a gum rubber sole, sealed with the Astronaut Face logo on the side and come in a tasty array of colors. My faves are the starburst mellow yellow . . .they match the canaries in my ear and compliment my lemon lambo-rghini. WORK!!!!!

CoCo & Breezy- Twin Talk

Co-Co & Breezy interview

Friday, July 9, 2010

Top gloss, Top shadow . . . TOP MOSS!!!

Ok so top shop's been habitually trendy & cute but when u mix in cheap & chic cosmetics and a KATE MOSS collection into the recipe, u spread the frosting on top of our style cupcake!!! LOVE!>>

(eye-shadow duo in oopsy daisy -$12 & eye kohl in frost $8)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Neon goes Black

Forget Neon we're going Black Label. . .Puma's gone fancy pants on us with the best everyday life style trousers. . .comfy, couture style shopping experience, affordable, and built with more neat lines than you can fit your unisex bum in. LOVE!!!

Robot & Brucling

Adorned in a R&B tie and drinking a spot of tea? Make sure your pinky is flexed and your posture is on erect. Put on a Robot accessory and you must represent for the highest caliber of old money & cunty :-). They are self proclaimed . . .
"Raw, yet finished; Expressive, yet refined; A balance of history, poise, strength, and freedom. Inspirations respected, dreams shared with the next..." Now alas i must retire to the master Neon quarters and remove my neck adornment. . . I am positively spent ;-).
( Phantom Bow tie, $120 - )