Friday, July 23, 2010

Co Co & Breezy & the Glam Exposure!!!!

Feeling real Co-co & breezy after our shoot with the ladies. Neon Fix gets the lovelies to trade in their shades and become more about face. These girls belong in front of a camera permanently. . .Quick someone hide their eye wear . . .the world is missing out!!!
Neon Fix Presents :
La Vida Glamoure starring:
Coco & Breezy
Hair,Makeup & Style: Neon Fix
Wardrobe pulled from Designers: Sammy B , Pamela Quinzi, Sweet Rags Clothing, La Vita Clothing, & NYC Mess Queen
Photographers : Cory Malcolm, Julio Carreras, & Phillipe Bontemps
Location: Tribeca, Ny, NY

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