Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vanity Day May 2011

BIG THANK YOU again to all the artists and sponsors that made this day possible! May "Vanity Day" was a special day for our clients thanks to all the effort, creativity, and professionalism of our Vanity Day artists. " It was a heart felt event filled with a lot of insight & emotion. Two of the women experienced the power of hair & make up for the first time and were empowered by the extra bit of glam. The days event provided a consultation portion, so artist client visions of style were cohesive and well executed to the personal taste of the women. Smiles were testament to the success of the day & all four women seemed thrilled with their new look. Le Souk provided a very intimate atmosphere for personal, life, self image & vanity discussion. We came to a common consensus that vanity is innocent & necessary as long as it is based on YOUR perception and taste and not contrasted and compared to popular culture and not dependent on the validation of the masses. Only YOU know the VALUE of your VANITY, not society. I anticipate the growth of our movement and can't wait to take over the world, one vain day at a time. Looking forward to our next event!

Vanity Day Artists

Ebonie Day / Hair

Janera Rose / Hair

Jhenelle Hill / Make-up

Myrtha Nadine Jasmin / Hair

Paul Mitchell Rabell / Hostess

Ryan B. Anthony / Hair

Tinisee Buckman / Make-up

Special Thanks

Violence Intervention Program

Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics/

Le Souk Harem/510 Laguardia Place NYC/

Lush Cosmetics/1293 Broadway, NYC

MAC Cosmetics/NY, NY

Ovando Florists/337 Bleeker street, NYC

Sean InHD/Videographer/347-620-INHD [4643]

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