Tuesday, May 3, 2011

neonfix.Blog-Jackers.com . . .Yea we stole it. . . So what we're Hot ! Eva Marcille via Necole Bitchie

""New host of Oxygn’s ‘Hair Battle Spectacular”, Eva Marcille, was spotted shopping at Barneys this weekend in Beverly Hills.  She stepped out in Versace pumps from the Spring/Summer 2010 line, Oliver People Balmain shades, a Vernus Alma Louis Vuitton bag and turban."" 
-Necole Bitchie

So ok we do hair/make up/style and grand larceny.  Just pretend your in south central & just be glad it wasn't your car or platinum chain Necole.  A couple Images of a top model, Versace & Louis V in Beverly hills won't break your account or drop you into a different tax bracket.  Eva looks so hot here and the verbiage was so simple and practical we couldn't resist hitting copy then paste!  Just know for our mugshots we'll be looking FABULOUS in the same featured outfit.  We'll beat the case & get off scott free, because just like any photo shoot we do, we'll kill it & they'll  never recover the murder weapon!
#Pomade #Powder #Pumps (Versace of course ) #Pow. . .#oh and the #Oliver People Balmain shades, #Vernus Alma Louis Vuitton bag and turban.

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