Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Style Police : "The Bad Hair Bandit" and her repeat offence crime spree of bad synthetic bob wiggings

AUBURN, Calif. -- Police in California have arrested a woman that the FBI now believes is the infamous "Bad Hair Bandit", an FBI spokesman said Wednesday.

A woman matching the description and following the same pattern of the repeat robber was arrested Monday afternoon along with her alleged getaway driver after a bank robbery in Auburn, California.

Placer County Sheriff Edward Bonner says the woman went into the Bank of the West branch and passed a note to a teller saying she had a gun and wanted money. After getting an undisclosed amount of cash, she ran to a waiting car behind the bank and they drove off, Bonner said.

A witness was able to give detectives the license plate of the car the pair were tracked down about 12 miles from the bank.

On Tuesday, Bonner identified the alleged robber as 46-year-old Cynthia Van Holland and her alleged getaway driver as 26-year-old Christopher Alonzo. Both are from Hayden, Idaho.

FBI spokeswoman Ayn Sandalo Dietrich said that after collaborating with FBI task forces in Seattle and Sacramento, agents now believe Holland is indeed the Bad Hair Bandit, who is accused of at least 20 robberies across Washington, Oregon, California and Montana since December. Twelve of those robberies occurred in the Puget Sound area.

In previous robberies, the Bad Hair Bandit typically passed a note to the teller stating she was armed and wants cash, according to the FBI's website. She then usually leaves in a getaway car.

She earned her nickname from the variety of wigs she wore during the robberies.


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