Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hair Salon ad stirring up negative social media waves.

This ad for Fluid Salon is causing controversy in the social media world. The ad depicts a woman sitting on a sofa with a black eye. Standing behind her is a man, carrying what looks to be a diamond necklace. The caption reads, “Look good in all you do.” 

On my one angelic shoulder: To each his own marketing and out reach strategies but a more appropriate approach at this issue would be. . . to push the issue of not tolerating this type of abuse, as no one should be given the chance to strip you of any of your fabulous attributes. . . not oh well at least "I still look good". PSA FAIL. Not to mention the "all you do". Does this not insinuate she is defining herself by this situation and moment. SMH

On my "Other" shoulder: This scene cuts close to home except for in my familiar memory the protagonist also "look good in all they do",  kicking some violator butt like J LO in Enough, complete with six inch, strappy, butterfly kicks, beige Loubiton claw marks to the dome, styled in rad Hourani for it's agility and cushion against a buffet of weapons & artillery . . .xoxo styled politically incorrect .

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