Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hats Off to You Samuel!!

Tinisee Buckman
  I was planning a shoot last week, and was asked to pull hats by photographer Bryan Taylor Johnson. So I hopped on the major search engine "Google." Through my search I came across Samuel's Hats. From the moment I checked out the hat boutiques site I fell in love! There were hats of different shapes, sizes, and colors. I was as if I died and went to haberdashery heaven!.
  I instantly wanted to talk to Samuel(the man behind the hats) sending him an email; I expected a rejection letter, but was pleasantly surprised. After I explained the concept for our project Samuel was more than happy to lend us sensational hats.
  The day of the shoot I arrived in Samuel's boutique on west 36th street. I soon as i walked into his shop i was blown away by the wall-to-wall hats on display. to be honest i thought I was dreaming. With the hats in hand I was ready for an awesome day of shooting.

About Samuel's Hats

  Samuel's Hats opened shop in 1988 and has been growing ever since thanks to their satisfied clients, and great European and American designers who provide Samuel's with fabulous and unique collections. 

Samuel's Vision

To present to their "Hat Ladies" hand made designs created by the worlds most talented designers that will be loved for years to come. Their desires is to bring the best possible service no matter what the circumstances. With their hats you'll have a confidence that only the perfect hat can give. If you are going to the Kentucky Derby, The Royal Ascott, a wedding, or any special occasion you can count on Samuel's Hats for that unique and fabulous hat that will for sure compliment your outfit and give you the elegance and confidence you always look for. The quality of what they offer combined with the care provided is what makes Samuel's Hats the best in town.

For more about Samuel's Hats

255 West 36th Street Suit 407 
New York, NY 10018
Toll Free: 1(866) 481-HATS(4287)

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