Monday, October 25, 2010

The Kanye West Movie: Runaway

Kanye West debuted his "Long Form" music video RUNAWAY on Oct 23rd. This epic mini movie streamed through thousands of TV's and PC's. Teleporting all his viewers to the world of Kanye West giving us a taste of "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" his recent album. Which is banned form stores in the USA for his album cover, but available on iTunes.

"I wanna sell albums, but not at the expense of my truecreativity," - Tweeted Kanye

West is known to having art influenced music videos. RUNAWAY takes his artistic aesthetic to the next
level. As the director of this film Kanye made sure to get his vision across. Filling this 34min video with vibrant visuals, classic cinematography, amazing artistic direction, and a love story wrapped up within a heavy message.

" people aren’t open-minded; they don’t accept what they don’t immediately understand" -Kanye

Bravo!!! To the amazing team that was behind the creation of Kanye's Costar Victoria's Secrets model Selita Ebanks. Who is no stranger to dawning a pair of wing as she played the Phoenix Kanye's love interest.

This angel was givin the works by Makeup Artist Adriana Bartosova, Body Painter David Sestak, and Costume Designer Josef Cechota . Making her come to life as the Phoenix.
With little words she captured viewers. With a stunning display of avian movement mixed with a sexy seduction.

"Many people don't appreciate this Mad Genius,
but the Neon Fix crew is behind you 100% sir"....IT'S JUST ART!!!

Kanye might have st the bar for long-form music video's but he's not the first, here are a few videos that go beyond that 3:45 min mark. That takes you on a journey into the artist world.

To see the videos visit out tumblr page

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