Friday, December 3, 2010

TiniseeMUA's Top Makeup Must Have: A Healthy Kit (part 1)

My weekly Blog Post is for the makeup artist, and the lovers of Blushes N' Brushes.....

What is "A Healthy Kit"?

As an artist always running around with my kit I sometimes get a lot of last minute clients. The first thing that runs in my head is....."Is my kit ready to take care of my clients' needs?" and "What needs to be refilled?"

Good thing I always stay on top of this.
Here is a list of top products and accessories my kit can't go without.

(ladies and Gents that aren't professional artist this for for you too, you might find that one product that will fit just right in your own personal kits) .....Let's get started!


A face is not complete without well groomed and shaped brows.
I make sure to keep an arsenal of products /accessories ready to tame and maintain a Dynamic Brow.

--------------The List--------------

Eyebrow Brush:
Eyebrow Scissors:
Maintain brow thickness/length
Remove hairs, and shape
Eyebrow Pencils:
Give brows more definition and fill


Primers are the root of a well executed look. These products are made to give your face the proper base for your makeup. There are lots of different primers out there. Check with your favorite brand and see which one works for you.

--------------The List--------------

Face Primer

SmashBox Face Primer is one of the best on the market
Evens out the texture of your shin. Making your foundation
easier to apply.

Eye Primer

MAC's Paint Pot is the perfect primer for the eyes. Paint Pots come
in so many shades from neutral shades to bright vibrant colors. Just
a thin layer of this creamy base will hold your eyeshadow for hours.

Lip Primer

MAC Prep+Prime Lip has to be my all time favorite
product. This leaves your lips feeling soft. Lip liners just
glide on with no trouble at all.

Lash primer

Smashbox Lash Primer makes sure that your lashes are
protected from braking. Gives your a primed look of white ready for you Mascara. Used right you will see that your lashes will look a little longer.


Your look is never complete until you have some lashes on. If you are not a fan of false lashes many mascaras can make you achieve bold lashes, or even a defined lash line.

--------------The List--------------

Lash Curler

Curlers are used for those lashes that need that extra LIFT AND CURL
you can find lash curlers at any pharmacy that sell cosmetics.
(Lash curlers come in different sizes pick the size that fits you best)

MAC's Haute and Naughty one of my favorite new toys. You get two mascaras for the price of one. If you are into lightly coated lashes just for definition or a big bold lash like this mascara is for you.

False lashes
False lashes come in so many shapes and sizes. The beautiful thing is that they are only temporary. I always say try them out you might like what you see. They are not only for "Show Girls".

Lash Adhesive

DUO Lash Adhesive you can find them in any pharmacy. I love using this brand because it drys well and clear.

DUO comes in two colors white and black both work the same.
The white drys clear
The black drys a transparent black (best for a smoky eye and blends well with darker liners)


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