Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beauty 101

What do fashionistas, executive CEO's & on the go women of all nationalities have in common?

They all want to look & feel fabulous fast !!!!

Learn the basics of modern makeup application from Jhenelle Neon, experienced industry professional, founder of Neonfix and Prim & Per' Fect ( Our intimate one day 1 & 1/2 hour make up crash course is guaranteed to leave you knowledgeable enough to do your own make up like a pro. Update your makeup technique and take your image to the next level.

"In this class I'll teach you how to Per-Fect, Enhance and Highlight your features as opposed to masking them."
-Jhenelle Neon

This class covers:

-skin types
-color correction
-eye shadow application
-what brushes to use
-foundation application
-eyebrow definition
-blush placement
-lip lining
-Dismiss cosmetic myths / misconceptions
-Turn your day look into evening wear
-Mini take home guide
-Personalized beauty plan
-Explore False lash application &MORE!!

This is an ideal way for the modern woman to learn how to apply her own makeup like a professional or for those who want a refresher on basic makeup application. / Call (646) 450-5844 / to sign up

Hope you'll Join me to talk beauty! !

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