Monday, September 2, 2013

15-year-old donates her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths. . .$2600 raised

SHANNON de Sousa, of Launceston, wants people to think next time they cut their hair.
The 15-year-old donated 35 centimetres of her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Foundation this weekend, to make real wigs for cancer patients, while raising $2600 at the same time.
Now, she is encouraging others to do the same.
Shannon decided she would cut her luscious locks last year, after her then 19-year-old sister Sinead was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
``She didn't have to lose her hair, she still had to go through radiation, but it just made me think of how other girls around Australia and the world have to lose their hair,'' the Scotch Oakburn grade 9 student said.
``The Cancer Council helped her so much. They gave her a scholarship for $1750 through a seize the day award and it really helped.
``She is great now, and in her third year of her arts law degree, in Hobart.
``So I wanted to give back to the Cancer Council.''
To raise the funds, Shannon set up her own charity website, distributed donation tins throughout the state, and talked to many individuals, schools and organisations about donation.
Donations even came from the US, Canada, Africa and England.
``At first my target was $300, but then I got over $300 so thought it could be $1000, and now I have $2600,'' Shannon said yesterday.
She chose the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Foundation to donate her hair too as it is then used to make wigs for cancer patients.
At least 20 centimetres of hair must be cut off for the wigs, and is done by putting it into a low ponytail and snipping above the hair band.
``I did start crying just realising that I was cutting it, and then how much I had raised,'' Shannon said.
``But they were tears of joy.
``We have a family friend who had cancer and her hair still hasn't grown back after so many years, I know mine will grow back, but their's never will.
``I really like it.''``It's a waste to just chuck it out.

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