Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gwen Stefani top looks from "It's My LIfe"

My personal style can be described as bipolar (Conservative, punk, bohemian, emo, euro, red carpet, urban)  much like Gwen Stefani's emotional roller coaster in this throw back NO DOUBT video. I guess that's why this truly is one of my favorite's. Gwen channels the Vintage roaring 20's and hits the nail on the head with each wardrobe change. From court room attire, lingerie, evening gowns, pearls, cuffs, robes, garters, thi- highs, silks, pastels, & stripes. It's an overall cold blooded murderous fashion scene. . . . Here are my top looks form this Vid.

-Jhenelle Neon

Watch No Doubt's "It's My Life"Below

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