Monday, June 11, 2012

Cassie & Rihanna's Guardian Angels. . .

Cassie posted a photo of herself with the caption, #StopTheViolence, while holding a clutch bag with a gun embossed on the side.   The bag, from Vlieger & Van Dam’s ‘Guardian Angel’ collection, gives the illusion of the owner being armed.  There are also a few from the collection that have a butcher knife embossed on the side as well as handcuffs. According to Vlieger & Van Dam’s website, the bags narrate the increasing violence and crime in the media, objectifying our addiction to fear.
Trendsetter Rihanna is a huge fan of the ‘Guardian Angel’ collection and has been spotted several times with the ‘handgun’ tote as well as a handcuff clutch.

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