Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just when I thought it was impossible to make #DrakeAndChrisBrownFight of any relevance to hair, makeup & style. . .

 Exclusive: Witness Claims Drake Didn’t Throw Bottle At Chris Brown. . .and guess what the witness is a STYLIST (YES I LOVE MY LIFE!), who apparently chose the right team #YMCMB . The team that didn't get accosted. Wonder if he'll be subpoena'd as a witness in court ????? Thanks RUMORFIX.COM: . Not only is this the L  o  n  g  e  s  t   t a g I've tried to jump on the trend wagon with in order to drive traffic to my website (cough,sellout, cough, cough) but this Stylists verbatim account of  what happened last night could make or break the case for drizz. As for #DrakeandChrisbrownFightPlaylist  T.I. ft. DRAKE - Poppin Bottles won't help his defence much though because as Chris found out them thangs go #POWW Interview below. 
-Jhenelle Neon

The Drake and Chris Brown beef went to a whole new level last night when Drake (or someone in his entourage) allegedly threw a bottle at Breezy during Teyana Taylor’s G.O.O.D music signing party in New York. According to a few witnesses, once the first bottle was thrown, a major brawl broke out and at least five other people were injured.
Shortly afterward, Chris took to his twitter and tweeted:

Chris Browns Instagram photo of his bruise to show fans his bruise with the caption:
Bottles? It’s nothing! Lol. Ni**as is pu**y! How u party wit a rich ni**a that hate? Lol…. Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya
#DrakeAndChrisBrownFight . . . according to Celebrity Stylist Man-E Jay:

A stylist sitting next to Drake during Thursday morning’s brawl inside WIP nightclub, tells RumorFix that contrary to reports, Drake did not hit Chris Brown in the face with a bottle.

“I saw someone walk up to Chris’ table and hit him from behind with the bottle, towards the mouth. And then after that, it was complete mayhem,” Man-E Jay tells us exclusively. ”Bottles were being thrown — anything that could be picked up was being thrown.”
This contradicts earlier reports that claim Drake threw the bottle at the singer. “Drake didn’t throw a bottle. It was someone from his party. It wasn’t him,” Man-E reiterates.
The stylist says that before the celebrity riot erupted, Drake spent most of the evening looking extremely agitated. ”I was next to Drake, and the whole night he seemed upset. He seemed like he had an attitude the whole time. He was just mad looking.”
Man-E, who says he hid behind a speaker during most of the bottle tossing brawl, is also shooting down another rumor that Drake hid inside a bathroom during the fracas. “It was too crazy for Drake to run to the bathroom. The bathroom was too far from his table.”
As for what happened to Brown after being struck with the bottle, the witness reveals, “After that, he just put his head down and his bodyguards grabbed him. He wasn’t like picking up stuff. His bodyguards were just trying to get him out of the situation.”
Five people were injured during the incident, the most severe being Brown’s bodyguard, Big Pat.

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