Friday, October 12, 2012

ETERNAL REBIRTH: The Artistic Process

Early February I was inspired to crate something mind blowing! I have always been driven by my “artistic process.” First I started of like every artist; by dreaming and then sketching. I had a vision of transforming the male model into energy (neutral, light,  and dark). I only had one model in mind Elias Montalvo; I've worked with him on an editorial 2 years prior to this shoot! I remember his striking face, and alluring gaze. Now that I had my concept and model I then went on the search for a photographer. Flipping through my Facebook I came across male photographer Thomas Synnamon who had an outstanding portfolio filled with dynamic shots of male models. Within days I was heading to Thomas’ studio on the out skirts of NYC with Elias.

   I wanted to utilize liquid latex (flesh tone, and black), my favorite product GLITTLER, customized black press-on nails, a bald cap, and a hand made wire head piece (which I can wrap fabric around to create an interesting silhouette to create these dynamic looks!


When all was said and done! Eternal Rebirth was created! I saw the images as a metaphor for life…. 

I wanted to take the idea of metamorphosis (evolution) and apply it to my models form, and photographers’ eye. The idea that birth is eternal fascinates me; it doesn't stop the day we were born. We as beings are constantly growing to new ideas, feelings, and sexuality. We are eternally infantile….As civilization(s) grow they will always go through moments of rebirth. Societies are forced to follow the “New Statuesque” because the old does not exist. “Eternal Rebirth” is a way of seeing yourself as a complex individual who is always developing by the laws of space and time. REMEMBER that we are energy, we never stop, we are constant, and CHANGE is constant….  
Tinisee Wreh-Buckman |Artist

Special thanks to Supernalia for using my work for their October exhibition! 

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