Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Want A Weave That Doesn't Shed?

Please keep in mind shedding may occur with any wefted hair. Common reasons for shedding comes from wefts being cut for installation, as well as breakage from excessive brushing and combing through the hair.  If getting wefts sewn in, make sure you or your stylist installs your tracks properly. Avoid sewing through the wefts as it loosens the thread and causes shedding. 

The hair should be kept moisturized to minimize breakage. Use a good leave in conditioner and a light silicone based serum. For curly textures try using a curl activator or curl pudding. 

You can also seal your wefts with a sealant or fray block  prior to installation to preserve the longevity of the wefts.  I like HE 101 weft sealer because it comes in different hues to match your hair color, its fast drying and and it requires no additional curing time once applied. You can also try Aleene’s Stop Fraying or Junes Fray Block which can be found in your local craft store but these require 5 days to cure.

To apply the weft sealer or fray block you want to apply a thin layer of product to weft. Allow to dry. Turn weft over and apply a layer to the other side. Allow to dry completely prior to installation. 
Below is a tutorial on how this technique is achieved. 

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