Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring's Hottest Nail Lacquers

This Spring is all about the neon and sorbet colors. A simple way to add a POP of color into your wardrobe without looking like a clown is by painting the little workers we call fingers!
You can always expect for M.A.C. to give you exactly what you need! This season  the makeup empire released their spring collection entitled "Shop M.A.C. Cook M.A.C."
My favorite 2 are called "Midsummers Dream" & "Play Day"
The most efficient way to get shiny full on color with no gaps or streaks is to : 
  1. Apply Underlacquer/Base Coat (allow 5 min of drying)
  2. Apply 1st coat of color (allow 10 min of drying)
  3. Apply 2nd coat of color (allow 10 min of drying)
  4. *Optional* Apply 3rd & last coat of color ( allow 15 min of )
  5. Apply Overlacquer/Top Coat (allow 15 min of drying)

Remember have FUN with your nails and take good care of them, they are just as important as any other part of our bodies!

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