Saturday, April 14, 2012

Style Awards: ST MARKS PLACE Between 2nd & 3rd AVE!!!!

Why give this 15 second walk of commerce such a huge honor? Because it's so reliable, consistent & abundant. What can't you find on this lil strip called St. Marks Between 2nd & 3rd Ave in NYC. Asian crystals, frankincense, 14 Karat gold oil, cast iron owl studs, head to toe vintage, combat boots, over sized GEEK frames, fedoras, fox tails, rave wigs, bullet shell belts, get tatted up, get your back dimples pierced & then grab a slice of $1 Pizza, and relish in all 550 ft. of pure Euro Japanese pop punk hipster trash Bliss! 
Search & Destroy : Vintage Japanese Punk Clothing Store
27 Saint Marks Place, New York, NY

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