Monday, April 16, 2012

Easy Steps To Smoky!

When you think smoky, you instantly reach for black, but it can look severe. The most universally flattering tone is chocolate brown, rather than black- it's way sultrier and softer against all skin tones.

1. LINE Rim eyes with a soft kohl. Go as close to the lash roots as possible so that you don't see any gaps between the liner and lashes. Trying to draw a continuous line from the inside corner of lashes outwards can be tricky - the most foolproof technique is to sketch little strokes along the lash line, working your way from the outside in.

2.LAYER Blend a deep mink-brown shadow across the lids, up to the crease and lightly along lower lashes, too. Then sweep a bronze shadow from slightly beyond the outer corners to the middle of the lids - and layer with a copper tone from the center of the lids inwards.

3.BRIGHTEN Wash a shimmery gold shadow over the top of the lids to bring lightness to the eyes. And blend it all up into the crease for a washed and blended, rather than graphic, effect.

4.PLUMP Curl your lashes to emphasise them and then pile on black mascara top and bottom.

The Nude Lip
Barely there lips are sexy without screaming, "Look At Me!", but don't match them to your skin tone as a too-fleshy pout can be draining. The most flattering shade isn't pure beige look for peachy or pink undertones.

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